Physical Therapy Programs Are Aided by Innovative Technology

Physical therapy is recommended to help people recover movement following an injury, to help reduce pain and to assist with learning alternative methods of movement if necessary. There are a number of exercises and types of equipment that may be included with each session. The patient plays an important role in the process because their feedback to the therapist and their effort during the sessions will often determine the final outcome.


Every physical therapists wants only for their patients to become healthier, happier and as pain-free as possible. Because of this, they are constantly educating themselves about new methods and movements that have proven promising. Therapists often utilize massage and acupuncture and incorporate a variety of exercise programs. They can even work with their patients to discuss diet, supplements or other treatments that may aid their recovery.

Exercise and stretching are the most common methods used in therapy sessions. These help to strengthen the body and increase stamina. Illnesses and past injuries may make it difficult for people to begin exercising. The pain on their joints or an injured muscle can discourage people from taking part in their therapy the way they should. This fact has led to the development of some exciting equipment that is now being put into use by therapists.

One example of this type of technology is the anti-gravity treadmill. This unique device is able to reduce the weight that is put on the joints while people use a treadmill. They can walk and run on the equipment as they would on any treadmill, but the reduction in the weight will cause less stress on the body. It is also a safe method of exercise for those with balance issues because the machine keeps the user secure and prevents any falls. The anti-gravity feature can be reduced as healing occurs and the runner is better able to withstand the stress. It is a pain-free option that may encourage people to make those first few steps towards recovery.

Great Moves Physical Therapy offers the anti-gravity treadmill as just one part of their therapy programs. Their services are designed to help people to get healthy, feel stronger and become more independent. Anyone can contact the therapy office to schedule a consultation and begin their treatments. Clients can expect a complete health assessment to be performed and their therapy to include health and wellness education as well as exercise, alternative therapies and much more.


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